Enriching the lives of children battling serious illness & injury...

Our Mission

Our Mission

Hope’s Haven Children’s Charity is a leading Ventura County 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to enriching the quality of lives of children facing life threatening illnesses and serious injuries. Through the support of local communities and annual fundraising events, Hope’s Haven works directly with Ventura County hospitals, clinics and social workers to provide financial and emotional support for families during treatment. Hope’s Haven is on the road to delivering iPads to all of the pediatric hospital beds within Ventura County, one of the long term impact programs, allowing kids to communicate, interact, be encouraged and entertained while undergoing medical care. Hope’s Haven is able to lighten the load during the most challenging times when children and their families need it most.

Our Story

Hope’s Haven Children’s Charity was created on the belief that when you invite people to care, change will happen for families when they need it most. When a family is dealt the blow of a life-threatening diagnosis for their child, their world turns upside-down. Hope’s Haven is a group of passionate individuals from all walks of life who have joined together to bring relief to children and their families in the midst of the most challenging moments that life can bring.

The story began with Ventura County residents who, through local volunteer work, discovered a profound need for new and innovative ways to inspire support for children who are suffering. What could be done to help relieve the ‘new normal’ of recurrent treatments and medical visits that become so draining for families managing their child’s daily battle with serious illness or injury?

Hope’s Haven Board members and other volunteers are dedicated to discovering ways to cheer and encourage recovery for every child. Through special programs like VIP events for the kids and family gifting, the team creates magical moments in the midst of hardship. Our organization is built on the concept that by bringing together people who focus on supporting the community, positive change is boundless.

Hope’s Haven’s first VIP kids’ event was for five very lucky children in treatment who were given the ability to escape their routines to become stars for a day. During this unforgettable experience, they enjoyed red carpet treatment while being greeted and interviewed by reporters, photographed by magazines and treated like royalty, while their parents glowed from the sidelines.

With the success and true emotional reward that came from this one VIP event, Hope’s Haven continued on its quest to expand so that they could bring even more smiles to families facing ongoing medical care.

This brings us to the story of Mikey and his iPad. Mikey is the son of one of Hope’s Haven’s board members. While Mikey was in treatment battling leukemia, he received the gift of an iPad from his uncle. His entire family was able to observe how this small distraction positively lightened his spirit, and instantly made him feel more connected to the outside world. He was able to communicate and interact, to be encouraged and entertained – bringing a bit of sunshine into his life during treatment and more importantly, his recovery.

The small gift of Mikey’s iPad and the Hope’s Haven VIP events turned into a charity organization unlike any other that has developed its own momentum. Hope’s Haven Children’s Charity is a journey of inspiration where medical professionals, volunteers and financial donors devote their time, energy and resources to this incredibly worthwhile and personal cause.